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It's been an unacceptably long time since I last posted something, and I know that you'll have been unable to focus on anything else during this long hiatus: "I hope he's alright"... "Why hasn't he been in touch?"... "Have I/we done something to upset him?". (I read your emails.)

OK, enough silliness. There are matters of import:

I've been working on one or two exciting extra curricular activities over the last couple of weeks, details of which are not mine to share, but will doubtless be made known in the fullness of time. Right now though my thoughts are turning to the upcoming shows taking place over the weeks ahead, to which I really hope many of you will be able to get along.

With so much happening around the globe right now, it's only natural that I find myself thinking about what songs I'd like to include at these upcoming gigs. There are songs I've not played for some time which are likely to be returning - as well as new songs forming - and at a time when one seems unable to do so little, the opportunity to gather and share fears, frustrations, hopes, and joys through music feels increasingly necessary. I've said before, of course, that this in itself changes nothing, but if all it does is help to confirm that there are many of us who feel similarly, and who long for something better, then hopefully that can encourage you and me to be a part of creating change beyond the venue walls, once the music has faded. I don't know if that sounds pretentious, idealistic, or just plain absurd. I only know that I mean it.

So, if you think that sounds like something you might like to get along to, please check out the dates at the bottom of this email. There are a couple of 'lighter' gigs in the mix too, and you can find all the details, as ever, on my website here. If you fancy getting yourself along to any of the ticketed events, advance booking is recommended.

The gigs I've been playing this year so far have been such a blast, and I'm incredibly excited to be getting stuck into these upcoming shows. Personally, I rarely feel more energised, encouraged, and positive about where we all go from where we are than when we're gathered together. If you feel even a tenth of that at a show, please do come and be part of something of which we all need more and more: solidarity.

Wherever you are, I wish you well. Here in the UK we're buckling-up for a July General Election. Over in the US, similar events will be unfolding later on in the year. Elsewhere, people have even more pressing concerns. Our influence on such matters tends to feel minimal at  best. However, I hope that we can all wield whatever power we may have to effect some positive change; the potential benefit of which is to impact as many people for as much good as possible. We each just have to somehow fathom the best means to reach such an end. And in a world where that path can seem increasingly unclear, our own moral compasses and consciences are perhaps our best means of progressing. Here's hoping we can all employ those resources to the best possible ends.

"Beyond the bow there lies every fall and every rise we must withstand."

Steve xx

DAYS OF BLUE & GOLD: Summer '24

15th June: Holy Trinity ChurchHurstpierpoint

16th June: TwickFolkTwickenham

19th June: Buttery Tea RoomLynton

20th June: Gainsborough ArmsMillbourne Port

14th July: VesuvioDarlington

19th July: The GlobeNewcastle

25th July: CafedralDurham (Durham Fringe Festival)

26th July: CafedralDurham (Durham Fringe Festival: afternoon)

26th July: The White RoomStanley, Co. Durham (evening)

27th July: CafedralDurham (Durham Fringe Festival)

28th July: CafedralDurham (Durham Fringe Festival)

7th Sept: ProhibitionNewcastle

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