Prayer Of The Self-Employed (mp3 download)

Written, home-recorded and released in unprecedented times during the early days of the COVID--19 lock-down, 'Prayer Of The Self-Employed' is available as a download only from this website and my Patreon page.*

It's a bouncy but serious request for support from the government for the self-employed, as well as freelancers and those on zero-hour contacts, many of whom are struggling financially as they see their work fall away and are (rightly) having to stay at home. As I type this, help has been announced by the chancellor but it's received a very mixed response as it would appear to fall somewhat short for a great many. So what I'd thought/hoped might be a song with a short shelf-life in terms of its immediate lyrical relevance may well remain pertinent for longer than I'd have liked.

*You can download it here for £1.50 or sign up to my Patreon page where - along with a growing collection of exclusive material, insights and such - you can download this track for free as part of a £3, £5 or £10 monthly subscription to the page. Please feel free to take a look at it here. It's a fantastic way of supporting artists such as myself whilst also accessing material not available elsewhere, as well as various other benefits too.

You can also view a different 'live to camera' videoed version of the song on YouTube

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