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A New Look!

Welcome to the new look website!

It was time for a bit of a change on a number of levels, and for a number of reasons, so this is it... what do you think of the place?

It will be changing and growing as time goes by so keep checking in. There'll be the usual occasional blogs, and gigs will be posted as and when, of course. Beyond that, I may bring the Shop back in-house too, but for now you'll see a link there to my newly established Bandcamp page. (Yes, I know... it took me a while.) All the albums are available to order there, on CD and/or as digital downloads, along with a couple of download-only tracks as well.

Overall, I think things will be a little more streamlined than they were, which is no bad thing. Hopefully though, everything you need to find will be here to be found. And don't forget, more frequent updates will continue to come forth via Facebook, Twitter, and to a lesser extent Instagram. I also have a TikTok thing... apparently.

As if all of that were not enough, (and it probably is) there's also my Patreon page where a number of greatly-appreciated folks have subscribed, and where you can too, if you should so wish. For your patronage, there is various exclusive content and other tasty occasionals. Please feel free to wander across and take a gander.

Well, that's the introductions out of the way. Whether you've come here as a longtime supporter of what I do or just found me for the first time, I thank you and hope to meet you (again) soon.

Wishing you nothing but all that's good...

 Steve x

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