'Somewhere Between' is available to pre-order NOW from the shop... where you can also buy tickets for the very special launch concert on 4h November!

The much-anticipated follow-up to last year's 'Striking Matches In The Wind' is now available to pre-order exclusively from this website! Featuring 12 new tracks, 'Somewhere Between' is officially released on the 7th November 2016 when a download version will also become available. Please click here for details of the very special launch concert taking place on the 4th November for which tickets are now available.

Track listing: 1.) To Change The World  2.) Live and Learn  3.) Where'd You Get That Heart From?  4.) The Right To Be Wrong  5.) Doing Well  6.) I Spat Fire  7.) Other  8.) Lefty, Wait Your Turn!  9.) Me and the Silence  10.) The Louisa Miner  11.) Creation Is Laughing  12.) At The Last


"Someone to point out across a crowded room... (his songs are) so authentically expressed, in a voice with genuine appeal, they take a direct route to the heart." (R2 Magazine, 4****)

('Striking Matches In The Wind' is...) "absolutely wonderful from gritty start to resigned end. Despite these 12 songs' unflinching elements of truth and honesty, ‘Striking Matches in the Wind’ is still imbued with an air of possibility and positivity among the hardships. The faith that love, community and friendship will see us all right in the end. Pledger has crafted a set of truly wonderful songs here; Poetic, knowing, clever, thoughtful and melodic; the world would be a far better place with more of this stuff."  (8/10 - Americana-UK review)

Steve’s new album, 'Striking Matches In The Wind', is released and available to order for £12.00 (inc. P&P). Or if you prefer, you can purchase the mp3 format for £7.00. Please click on the album cover to visit the shop.

Track listing: 1.) People Who Care  2.) A Heart Filled With Nothing To Do  3.) Loving Condescension  4.) This Land Is Pound Land  5.) Quit Blubbin’ In The Cheap Seats  6.) Scared Inside  7.) Days Like These  8.) Friends and Fathers  9.) Beneath The Sun  10.) There We Are  11.) The Parable Of Intent  12.) Matches In The Wind

”An album that I think will resonate with many. Songwriting at the highest level by a man who understands his craft & his voice. A wonderful album!” (Gary Hazlehurst, The Folk Show)

"The entire album is just a piece of wonder." (Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion)

"An intense, emotional experience of the most inspired kind." (Andy Barnes, Sonic Bandwagon)

Steve's debut album - '14 Good Intentions' - is also available to order from the shop for £10.00, inc. P&P.

“’14 Good Intentions’ shows the formidable range and depth of Steve Pledger’s lyrical and melodic talents. Tender, thought-provoking and assured… an album to be played again, and again.” (Stewart Henderson, poet & broadcaster)