Alone In The Dark (Live) - mp3 download

Released on 5th October 2019, the new live mini-album, 'Alone In The Dark', is available exclusively from this site and at Steve's gigs.

Featuring seven of Steve's best-loved songs and recorded at a special event towards the end of 2018, the tracklisting is as follows: 1.) Friends & Fathers  2.) Back To The Beginning  3.) The Parable Of Intent  4.) I Spat Fire  5.) Me & The Silence  6.) Creation Is Laughing  7.) Matches In The Wind  (Read more about the album here.)

Initial reviews have declared it as "very special" (A World Of Difference); that it "exudes a warmth that few artists ever achieve" (FATEA Magazine) and, as put it: "It's only fault is that it's too short.".

A CD version of the album is also avalable here.

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