Yule Blog anyone?

Before I go on, I'll be playing a gig at the gorgeous Luttrell Arms in Dunster, Somerset, on Tuesday 15th Dec. This will be a free-entry gig with a generous smattering of covers amongst the originals, and I dare say a festive tune or two as well! If you can join me for one last pre-yule outing it'd be lovely to see you.

So, what else? Well, just to say what a remarkable year it's been... in more than one sense. 12 months ago, I was about to go into the studio to get the first few bits 'n' pieces down for what would become 'Striking Matches in the Wind'. Following the advance copies going out in late February/early March and its subsequent release at the beginning of April, I'm as staggered now as I was then by the reception it has received by loads of radio stations, reviewers and particularly by folks like your good selves. 4 out of 5 stars in R2... 8 out of 10 from Americana-UK and much more besides are not the kind of things I imagined I'd be looking back on at the beginning of the year! I've heard word from more than one radio station and from other supporters alike of it being one of their 'albums of the year' and once again, these things are as surprising to hear as they are appreciated. To all of you who have bought CDs... been to gigs... encouraged me in so many ways throughout the year, my unspeakable thanks. So many people have played such a part in making 2015 such a wonderful year for me and I am way beyond grateful... thank you all! It's been a privilege to make new friends; travel to new places and to share in the journeys of others too. New songs and more are coming together to get 2016 off to a good start so if you're up for it, once the glitter has settled, we'll reconvene for a peer into the months ahead!

I'm conscious though that even as I reminisce about such pleasant happenings, 2015 has also been a year of much grief too. Many are struggling just to get through their own personal day-to-day, whilst on the world stage, nature and the dark hearts of a relative few would seem to conspire against us to such a degree that it's hard sometimes to find the spirit to endure. The radical evil of some has once again served as a precursor for further death and destruction; and so the cycle continues as it has for far too long, with who's ultimately to blame long buried beneath the rubble... as if something so convenient ever existed anyway. But just as there are perpetrators of injustice and hatred to be found in all quarters, so there is hope and more beside. Here in the UK, I see all manner of wickedness in evidence at the highest level... but also this year, I sense hope for a turning tide.

I hope however you mark - or don't mark - the coming season, that it delivers you gently to the year's end. And I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with peace and joy... may it be so for the whole world!

With love.... Steve x

Posted by Steve on December 10th 2015

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