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With 2018 now well and truly underway, I wanted to bring you up to date with things here. In truth, there is no big news to report, but I can at least tell you that following the upheaval of 2017, live dates for this year are starting to fill out. A number of these are already up here on the website - if you don't believe me, you can see for yourself here - and there are more on the way. Amongst these will be a short tour in the Midlands in May; the South West in early September, and a return trip to Scotland in September/October. I'll be other places at other times too, of course, and things are shaping up also here in the North East, where we now reside. For example, I'm playing Whole Latte Love in Stockton-on-Tees tomorrow night, Friday 9th Feb. As I say, please do keep an eye of the gig page for the latest live happenings.

I'm particularly excited to be opening for the legend that is Jez Lowe at the much-respected Biddulph Up In Arms in North Staffs. which will kick off my run of Midlands dates on 2nd May. There's also something rather special happening across the border in Wales on 5th May, about which you can discover more here! All of this and more should help keep me out of trouble. And don't forget, if you are interested in hosting a gig or house concert yourself, please do drop me a line and I'd be more than happy to chat about it with you. Just get in touch here for more info.

I've had a great time playing a few gigs in this part of the world and am happy to report that material old and new has been going down very well. And as the fog of moving and all that followed begins to lift, other new ideas and songs are forming too. No new recording project on the horizon just yet but when it is, you'll be among the first to know about it. (In the mean time, don't forget there's a video of new song 'Same Smile, Same Words' available to watch here. Catch it soon before it's out of date!) ;)

Speaking of recordings, until the end of February, all three albums can be ordered from the website for just £8 each, inc. p&p*! In the case of 'Striking Matches...' and 'Somewhere Between' that's a 25% saving! So, if you're an album short or fancy buying one for someone else for... oh, I don't know, Pancake Day (?!?) you have 20 days in which to head over to the shop and take advantage of this incredible generosity.

I do hope to catch up with some of you at a gig or two over the coming weeks and months. Thank you so very much for your interest in all this; it genuinely means a very great deal. It's an odd thing to try to do with ones life, and not always easy to know whether or not it's what one should be doing... for any number of different reasons. But it's not something I feel I can easily lay aside, and the fact that anyone at all should care that I'm doing this is, to me, a source of constant amazement and encouragement.

So, if you're up for it... onward!

Every blessing,

Steve x

A few of the gigs coming up... keep an eye out for others being announced very soon...
9th Feb - Whole Latte Love, Stockton-on-Tees
4th March - Voodoo Cafe, Darlington
2nd May - Biddulph (Opening for Jez Lowe)
5th May - The While House, nr. Welshpool
26th May - The Studio Theatre, Middlesbrough (Opening for Head Of Light Entertainment)
26th July - Percy Park RFC, North Shields
7th Sept - Pebbles Tavern, Watchet, Somerset
8th Sept - Exeter (House Concert)
21st Sept - "Here & There": Scottish Tour 2018 begins.

(*Free p&p only applies to UK orders.)

Posted by Steve on February 8th 2018

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