There Be News!

A warm and summery hello from sunny Somerset! I hope the sun shines on you too, wherever you may be. (Unless of course you're somewhere else altogether on our little globe... I don't wish to be responsible for willing the cosmos in to some kind of weird earth-splitting paradox!)

The present and transient weather conditions aside, I write this in what I know for many are becoming increasingly difficult times. I haven't fired up the laptop to bring you down on this fair day, but I'm nevertheless conscious that these little bulletins tend to appear when I have pleasant bits of news to pass along, and it can all seem quite at odds with the darkness that I'm only too aware is threatening to engulf many of us here in the UK right now... and elsewhere too of course, often in greater and fouler ways! My assumed role, ostensibly, is to write songs that reflect the times rather than to blog about them, but with the passing weeks, it gets harder just to write chipper-sounding updates on the things that are happening in my little world, with little mention of what is going on around me; that which more than anything else, I hope, informs what I do. So before I say anything else: I don't mention on here much of what I see and have become convinced of; things which you may yourself be wrestling with right now. But it doesn't go unnoticed, and whatever your own circumstances may be, I genuinely wish you all that you need in order to go on. The times are tough and we'll need resilience... and maybe a song or two before we're done.

There are songs, and more are coming... the news is now...

Speaking of reflecting the times, I am excited to be able to announce a very special project I'm involved with that will be happening in the new year. EFDSS (English Folk Dance and Song Society) have granted a Creative Artist Residency to Ange Hardy  - and Lukas Drinkwater and myself - to spend 5 days together at Cecil Sharp House in London, writing songs based upon the news of the day. You can read more about this exciting venture on Ange's website as well as on the official EFDSS site. I'm naturally very grateful to Ange for asking me to be involved in this and to be working with both her and with Lukas will be a joy. More news on this nearer the time... I should also mention that I'll be joining Lukas and Ange for most of the dates on her upcoming tour 'Along The Coleridge Way' in support of her new album 'Esteesee' too!

On a practical note, it's also a pleasure to be able to announce that Fancourt Music are now representing me as a booking agent. Anyone interested in booking me to play a venue or house concert, can contact them via their website; by emailing Ant Miles or by phoning him on 07837 881941. Equally, you're also still very welcome to contact me directly via the contact page on this site. Thanks!

Please keep an eye on the Events page for upcoming gigs. There are a few new ones up there and others on the way very soon... it's always a joy seeing everyone at gigs and my thanks to all of you who've been along in recent weeks.

Wishing all of us better days along with the grace to appreciate what we do have.... Steve x

Posted by Steve on July 19th 2015

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