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I wanted to send a short email out for two main reasons. Firstly, to say a huuuuge and sincere thank you for all the incredible support throughout 2019! It means more than can be said and will carry me into 2020 and toward whatever the new year may bring. Thanks for the feedback for the new album; for coming along to gigs and being so kind about the shows... for everything. x

Secondly, I imagine that many of you are feeling similar to myself following the developments of the week. I won't lie - and have been quite open about it - I've been somewhat devastated by it all. I think it's important to be honest at such times and if one feels grave disappointment, frustration and deep concern then it's best to allow those feelings to take their course. We will not go lightly and we will rise and carry on. Even as I type it, I feel the need and the resolve to do so. I just wanted to say that if you feel as I do, that's fine! It's natural and even right that you do. But I also wanted to say what many of you have kindly said to me: don't give in to those feelings altogether. Process them and use them to enable the necessary work to go on. 

Those matches won't strike themselves! x

I wish you... I wish all of us and every one a peaceful, wonderful Christmas. I hope that good fellowship and love meet you where you are and that you will have opportunity to share such gifts with others even as you receive them yourselves. I wish this were so for a great many more who may not be so blessed. And it is for such reasons that we must not cease in our efforts, great and small, to make it so.

Every blessing and I'm already looking forward to seeing many of you in the year ahead.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on December 14th 2019

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