The Storm Before The Calm

It has been a long time since I wrotte anything on here, and for me at least, it almost feels like another life ago. For many months, we were planning a move to the North East of England. And after a long, obstacle-strewn road, we finally find ourselves here, in County Durham. We moved in a month ago and, as is so often the way, have been working our way through unexpected problems and issues, in between unpacking boxes and all the regular stuff associated with such events. In short, moving house has again lived up to its reputation as just about the most stress-inducing activity one would ever choose to engage in. (There are far worse situations to be in, of course, but I guess they're not to kind of things one usually chooses to do.) In spite of all this, we are very happy to be here and are looking forward to our new life in this extraordinary part of the country.

The point is that we are in. I say that: currently I'm in Durham Library because they have internet... but let's not go there! (I don't mean let's not go to Durham Library, by the way. It's fantastic!)

So, whilst I have access to the miracle that is the internet, one of the things I wanted to do was get in touch to say 'Hello! I'm still going!' and also to draw your attention, if I may, to some upcoming gigs. Please forgive the fact that I'm keeping this blog fairly simple in terms of links and such, but if you'd care to pop across to the Events page here at any point, you'll see what I'm up to over the coming weeks. I kick off in Scotland this Friday (22nd) and will be touring there until the beginning of October. Amongst other places, I'm returning to play on the epic Isle of Skye (24th); in beautiful Aviemore (27th); at the legendary Hootananny in Inverness (28th) before ending in gorgeous Torridon on 1st October where I'll be closing the Mountain and Sea Festival there. All in all, 8 gigs over 10 nights that I'm really looking forward to!

Later in October, I head back to the South West of England for a few dates - including a return to the wonderful Pebbles Tavern on the 18th! - before my first 'local' gig in my new stomping ground for the wonderful Live In The North East in North Shields on the 26th. Can't wait for that! And I get to play Durham itself on the 10th December at the remarkable People's Bookshop! As I say, please do head to the Events page for all the details. If the gigs are ticketed, tickets are on sale now and you can find all the links you need there. You'll also find a couple of house gigs amongst the rest which are always fantastic.

There's more to tell than time will allow, I fear. I would just say though that I had a wonderful time at Nettlebed Village Club a couple of weeks ago performing the Showcase evening organised by Shire Folk Magazine. It featured myself and Jackie Oates, Megan Henwood, Ninebarrow and Emily Barker & Lukas Drinkwater. It was a special evening and great to see some of you there.

Hope I'll see some of you at gigs over the coming weeks, where I'll also be playing some new material alongside the tried 'n' the tested!

In the mean time, wishing all that's good to all of you. I hope to be a little more active online soon so whether via these blogs, Facebook, Twitter or wherever... we'll keep in touch.

Every blessing. And thank you!

Steve x

Posted by Steve on September 19th 2017

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