The Baptist's Father - FATEA Magazine Song Of The Year!

It was something of a thrill to learn last Friday evening that the recording of my song 'The Baptist's Father' from October 2020 was awarded Track/Song Of The Year by FATEA Magazine!

To be honest, I was still in shock having heard a couple of weeks previously that it had been shortlisted, and not really imagining that it would win, it hasn't really sunk in yet.

It's the second time that FATEA have been kind enough to award my output, having announced 'Somewhere Between' as their Album Of The Year for 2016 back at the start of 2017. (I still haven't quite come to terms with that.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly grateful to them for this lovely gesture and congratulations are due to all the winners and nominees across all the various categories, the full list of which can be seen here on the FATEA website. Listening to the 2 hour show during which the winners were announced and all the nominees played, it was such an encouragement to hear how much remarkable music and been produced in a year that had been such a trial for the industry and the artists that work within it. The whole show was so uplifting in that regard and a fitting tribute to the people who continue to pour their hearts into making, producing and promoting great music. For any who missed the show and may like to catch it, just keep an eye on my Facebook page and Twitter feed because I suspect it may soon be available to listen to again and I'll be sharing the link when it is. 

In the mean time, the video for 'The Baptist's Father' is available to view here via YouTube and the audio is available to download from the Shop. Thank you to any and to all who've been in touch about the song and/or the award. I've had so many lovely messages and I'm beyond grateful for every one. x

I'm hoping to be performing another online session in the next few weeks so please do keep an eye out for that. Ahead of then, I'll be the guest artist on this week's Sounds Good session put out by RTProjects and which I co-host. You can catch it at 7pm (GMT) on Thursday 21st January and please head to the RTProjects Facebook Page for further details. Also, you can see a video which RTP's Beano put together to accompany our track 'What If?' here as well as a wonderful write-up here about the whole project from Down By The River who were very instrumental in making the whole thing happen. 

There are also the earliest of rumblings about a future project of which I can and will say nothing at this stage, except that I'm very excited about it and look forward to telling you more at some point in the future. (Cruel, huh?) :) 

Until then, do keep taking care and finding a safe and sane path through the current difficulties. To any who are feeling the effects of this pandemic in any way at all (and there can be few who are not) I wish you all that you need to keep going. There is light ahead, and as long as we move forward together and don't allow ourselves to be sidetracked by those who fear it, we'll walk out into it soon.

Much love,

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on January 18th 2021

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