It's That Time Of Year Again...

As if Christmas prezzie shopping were not already challenging enough, this year it is undeniably and especially irksome. So may I ever so 'umbly suggest that you pay a visit to Mister Steve's Music of Misery and Mirth Emporium, situated but a click away from this very online establishment? Awaiting you there are products beyond your wildest dreams at prices likely within the tamest budgets.

Feast, if you will, thine eyes upon the vast array of sumptuous goodies, each made available for you to purchase at a not considerable cost, and which do even include the price of the necessary transportation of that which you elect to acquire, e'en to your very door! (Such generosity, it must be stated, be available solely to those who do reside within Albion's shores as further expenses do incur the unavoidable necessity of passing along such monetary obligations to the purchaser who resides beyond our blessed borders.)

In short, therefore, dear reader, haste ye to the aforementioned supplier and avail thyself of these most benevolent of terms whilst there be yet time still so to do. For fast approaches that day when time's fixed course will herald the cessation of such offers and pronounce shame upon the tardiness of all who fail to acknowledge the inevitable consequences of their inaction. Miss not this boat of bounteous delight!

(Anyway... you get the idea.)

Grab a CD or two here at lock-down prices for ideal Christmas presents for the music-lovers in your life... simple as that.

Well, it could've been. 😐

Posted by Steve on November 14th 2020

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