Sounds Good(ish)

I’m sorry it’s been so quiet of late. There are, of course, a good number of reasons for that, but even so, I look forward to a time when there will hopefully be more of which to speak.

I wanted to let you know that tomorrow evening (Thursday 6th May) I’ll be performing a few songs live as part of the weekly online session which I usually co-host called Sounds Good. These sessions feature music and chat (and more which, frankly, defies description) and are run by the entirely wonderful Durham-based mental health charity RTProjects. Each week features an established artist and this week it’ll be yours truly.

I wanted to let you know about it in case you fancied dropping by. I heartily recommend these sessions anyway as we always have such an uplifting time and they feature some truly amazing artists. If you’d like to join us from 7pm tomorrow – and indeed on any other Thursday evening – then you would be so very welcome. If you'd like to be there, just head to and sign up. Once approved, just head to the Workshops page and click on the approriate event on the calendar for the Zoom ink. it’s that simple! Needless to say, you can choose not to be seen and/or heard, if you prefer, and just watch what I would refer to as the ‘pleasantly indescribable’ unfold.

Being candid for a moment, my recent inactivity has, in part, been due to my ongoing experience with long-Covid. It has not been extreme or especially dramatic in any way, but it has been sufficiently debilitating nonetheless. It’s been difficult to apply the necessary time and energy to anything of any great substance, and it continues to make planning for the future difficult at the moment as it’s still impossible to predict what the situation will be at any given time. It just is what it is for the time being, and I don’t presume that it will always be so. I have been writing a little again and I have small projects that I’d like to undertake as soon as I can, as well as larger plans for the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. The hope is that I’ll be able to get some of these things together and ‘out there’ soon, but everything is very much dependent upon how I’m feeling, and that’s still proving to be impossible to determine from one day to the next.

As and when though, I’ll be sharing plans and news as they come together, as I’m nigh on certain they shall.

Thanks so much for all the support. Keep taking care and here’s hoping we can remain on track for better and brighter days ahead; not just for us, but for folks the world over.

Much love,

Steve x

Posted by Steve on May 5th 2021

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