(Somewhere) Between The Covers

So, I hope you’re doing OK out there, folks.

This latest update is one of gigs and the like, and as this potentially disturbing image suggests, I have an online event coming up on 12th November to which you are all, naturally, very much invited.

It happens over Zoom from 7:30pm and you can simply click here to access the event a few minutes before it begins. (Or, if you’re delayed in traffic, anytime thereafter.) It’s free to access though there will be a PayPal link where any donations may be made, all of which will be greatly appreciated. As the title (hopefully) suggests, it’ll be an evening of alternating covers and originals and should even be a bit of fun too… I really do hope that many of you will be able to join me. There’s also the Facebook Event Page and details on the Event page too so do please feel free to share it around with any you think might be interested too. Thank you!

Before then, this Sunday, 7th November, I’m live at The Hop Knocker in Durham from 1:30pm. It’s a small micro-brewery/pub and this will be an afternoon of mainly covers but with a sprinkling of originals too. Free to enter, a hat/receptacle will be on hand for any contributions those present may wish to make. (A guy’s gotta live, right?) 😊 You’ll find more details here and a growing list of gigs on the Event page.

Anyway, these are the imminent happenings but more are being put in place even as I write and further dates will be announced soon. There’s also even a tour or two in the pipeline for next year so if you’re not in my now-native North East, keep an eye out for me elsewhere around the country in 2022!

Would you believe that it was 5 years ago yesterday since Somewhere Between was launched at a special concert in Dunster Castle, Somerset?! Hard to accept, but it’s true. In fact, I put up a short video yesterday with a few remarks on all of the above which you can watch here, and there will be a follow-up video going up on Sunday (7th November) to mark the 5th anniversary since the album’s official release. That will be available to view on Facebook and Twitter early Sunday evening, and please do head over there then to check it out as it will include… well… you’ll just have to see for yourselves on Sunday.

Needless to say, Somewhere Between and all my other releases are available through my online Shop so, if there are any holes in your collection, (or if you’re thinking ahead about Christmas presents… just sayin’) please do consider dropping by there as well. All my albums remain at special ‘Lockdown Prices’ too so it’s definitely a good time to grab a copy, or more.

Thank you as always for all the lovely support in all the lovely ways in which comes. I hope that the coming weeks and months will find us able to get together more and more at gigs and such, and that you’ll keep taking care out there and remain safe. We’ll speak again soon for sure, and please do keep in touch and up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and – if you’re interested – at my Patreon Page too, where exclusive bits ‘n’ piece can be found by all who subscribe, to which more will soon be added.

My best wishes to all and let’s do this again very soon…

Steve x

Posted by Steve on November 5th 2021

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