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I wanted to drop by, firstly, because it's been far longer than is properly decent since I last did so, and also to let you know of a couple of things happening right now about which you may, or may not, already know.

Before all that though, I should say that I'm doing pretty well in regard to the virus and, in the last month or two, have actually experienced a fairly prolonged spell of stability, during which I felt reasonably well, considering. However, over the last couple of weeks or so, things went downhill again in certain regards. I've since had some further tests and such and everything seems to suggest that there are no other complications or causes: it is just 'long Covid' and like all who are experiencing their own variation of it - many a good deal worse than I - it's just a matter of patience and management... it will pass. I know there are instances where, for some, it's as yet unsure as to what the longer term implications may be, and goodness knows our hearts go out to them! It would appear though that there's no reason to think that this won't soon leave me be and, naturally, I'm so keen for that to be the case, and soon! Thank you for all the positive thoughts and the messages of support which many have passed my way. Naturally, with all the many, many consequences of this pandemic; whether those directly related to Covid or the myriad of knock-on effects produced, it's impossible to not feel devastated for all those swept up in its wake. I truly hope that whatever your own circumstances may be, you are bearing up underneath these most difficult of times and that we'll all soon come through this. There's so much more which could be said, of course, but for here and now...

I still don't yet feel sufficiently recovered to sing particularly but I really wanted to put out a version of my song 'The Baptist's Father' which some of you may have heard me perform live over the last year or so at a gig. (Remember those?!) I decided to record a spoken word version over the tune played on piano - as best as I could - and produce an accompanying video which some of you may have seen. Both the video and the subsequent audio release have had some really lovely responses which have been so very much appreciated. If you haven't already done so, you can view the video on my YouTube channel here and, if you wish, download the mp3 from this very website here. There is no fixed price for downloading the track and I only ask that if you wouldn't mind following the link there and making a small donation via PayPal it would be mighty kind of you... thank you. FATEA Magazine kindly said that it's "as powerful and moving a piece as you are likely to hear this year" in their review here whilst Roots & Fusion called it "a phenomenal piece of spoken word".

Another much appreciated comment it received was from Steve Clarke on his Strange Brew show describing it as "A fine, fine piece of work (that) deserves to be heard... pure poetry". Like a number fantastic radio shows and more, Steve has been a wonderful and much-valued supporter of my work and that of countless other artists. Last night, however - 22nd October - saw the end of Strange Brew in its present form as Steve said farewell to Radio Skye. Hopefully he'll be able to return with the show sometime in another incarnation, but for the time being, my immense gratitude to Steve for all his support and kindness over recent years. The 'Brew' will be much missed by many and went out with a fittingly fine show last night.

A brand-new enterprise from RTProjects called 'Sounds Good' began online last night. You may be aware of RTP from the 'What If?' project with which I've been involved over the last 18 months or so. They are a Durham-based mental health charity and this new initiative of theirs has come about in order to provide a means of encouragement for those who may be struggling with their mental well-being during this difficult time when accessing means of support that might usually be available has become increasingly difficult. It's open to all and will be a weekly, hour-long event with a song from a different established artist each week; a bit of chat; the chance to share thoughts and music and will also include a short open mic slot for anyone who may wish to play a song. It'll be a short opportunity to connect with a few others for the benefit of all. You'd be very welcome to drop by on a Thursday evening from 7pm. You'd just firstly need to head to to sign up and then it all goes from there. You can also find out a little more on their Facebook Page. Whilst I'm not likely to be performing as part of this just yet, I'm thrilled to be a part of helping to bring this together along with the RTP team and will be helping out with 'hosting duties' each week. Join us if you can!

As usual, there's doubtless much more I could add but, as usual, I've doubtless already gone on long enough! Thank you for reading; listening; watching; messaging and, basically, just for giving a monkey's... none of which goes unappreciated, I assure you! Please feel free to take a look at my Patreon page if you think that may be of interest and my thanks go out again to those who've kindly subscribed there. I hope to be adding more exclusive content to it very soon, as well as continuing to share various things generally, of course.

Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, please do take care. I hope that one way or another we'll cross paths again soon, and the day will come when that will involve a room, some chairs, music, and a form of fellowship currently so missed by us all. If you promise to hang in there then I'll do likewise.

Wishing you all that's good....

Steve x





Posted by Steve on October 23rd 2020

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