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What Tomorrow Knows

Firstly, I hope that you’re all doing OK. It seems like so very much happens in between bin days, never mind in between blogs, and I trust you’re finding your way through. And all of that is on top of the various challenges that can come our way closer to home, of course. May you be riding whatever storms may have found you.

So then, what to tell? Well, it’s now been over 5 months since What Tomorrow Knows was launched and it has continued to receive a warm welcome out there, for which I remain immensely grateful. If you haven’t yet got your copy, you can grab it on CD or digital download from the Shop, if you so wish. All my albums are available there, as well as several other downloads. And for a wee taster, just click here for a very short promo video on Facebook.

Speaking of the latest album, I’m thrilled to say that R ‘n’ R Magazine (R2 Magazine, as was) has the track Blabscam on the cover CD of their latest issue, no. 98. There’ll also be a quarter page ad for the record within the magazine itself which will be on the shelves in the next few days. I’m hoping that this, along with video ad that’s been running on Facebook for the last week, will help to bring a little more attention to the album. I remain very pleased with What Tomorrow Knows, and the message it carries feels more than relevant to these days. Therefore I’m determined to do all I can to try and give it a fair shake out there. If you feel happy to share the promo video or anything else relating to the record, I can assure you that it all helps and would be appreciated beyond words… thank you!

I met the wonderful Alan Ritson back in January when I was playing at The Great British Folk Festival in Skegness. Alan was compering and afterwards kindly invited me onto his radio show(s). We recently recorded an interview which will be going out in the days ahead. The interview airs on Fine Folk Show on LCR FM 103.6FM ( at 7.00pm on Tuesday 21st March and also on Siren Folk Show ( at 8.00pm on Thursday 6th April, repeated 7.00pm Saturday 8th April. We had a great time shooting the breeze, and Alan plays several songs of mine as well. Please do give it a listen.

Things are a little quieter on the gig-front at present than they would normally be, for various reasons. However, I can’t wait to be back out there for the gigs that are coming up (see the banner above) and can assure you that more are on the way. For more details/tickets etc. please go to the Events page. I look forward to seeing you, wherever and whenever you can make it along.

Well, that’s probably enough for now, wouldn’t you say? Thank you for so very much! Truly, knowing that there are people who appreciate what I’m trying to do means more than can be expressed.

See you soon… be kind to yourselves and to all.

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on March 16th 2023

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