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Firstly, I’m going to be back on Curved Radio tomorrow, 26th January, for the first time in a while, chatting to the fantastic Gayle Austin. CR transmits out of Sydney, Australia, and is also available to listen to online, of course. I’m on from around 9:45pm local time, which equates to 10:45am, UK time. It’s always fun chatting with Gayle so I hope you’ll be able to join us here. (Just click on the Audio Player at the top of the page.)

Then on 3rd February I’ll be recording  an interview for LCR FM and Siren Radio with Alan Ritson who compared the Acoustic Stage at The Great British Folk Festival earlier this month. He kindly invited me on to his show and I’ll share it on social media as soon as I know when it goes out.

My good friend and fantastic singer/songwriter, John Reed, is playing my track Rise this week on his excellent Progressive & Acoustic Compendium which will be up on Mixcloud from 8pm today, and also goes out on the mighty Blues & Roots Radio at 1am tomorrow morning. Do catch that if you can as it’s a wonderful way of discovering some great music, old and new.

There are gigs coming up, some of which are already on the Events page, but otherwise I shall be busy over the coming weeks planning more. The craziness of last year, getting the album finished and released, meant that I’ve started the New Year somewhat on the back foot in terms of live shows. However, plans are afoot and I’ll be knocking on doors so expect to hear more soon. Meanwhile, please keep an eye on here for what’s happening, where and when, including this year’s Never Give Up concert from RTProjects which takes place at The Assembly Rooms Theatre, Durham, on 5th February. For more details of who will be appearing and for tickets, click here.

If you’ve not yet got your hands on the new album, you can grab a CD or digital download of What Tomorrow Knows now from the Shop, or stream it in all the usual places, if that’s your thing. Many of the reviews that have been coming in have been overwhelming from the likes of Folk & Tumble calling it ‘The protest album the world needs’ to FATEA Magazine referring to it as ‘Pledger’s masterpiece’, and more besides. Most important of all, the reaction from those of you who’ve bought it from the website or at gigs has been just amazing. Thank you!

Hope to see you somewhere soon then. If you don’t already do so, please don’t forget to follow me on the various platforms linked below and keep in touch. Plus, if you’re of a mind to, please consider subscribing to my Patreon Page which offers access to various exclusive bits and pieces already published, plus all that is yet to come. You can sign up for as little as £3pm and it’s a means of support for which I’m also very grateful.

All the very best and mind how you go, folks…

Steve xx







Posted by Steve on January 25th 2023

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