'Prayer Of The Self-Employed: Audio Download!

This is to let you know that an audio home-recording of brand-new song 'Prayer Of The Self-Employed' will be available to download from this website on Friday 27th March for the sum of just  £1.50. You may even hear it on a radio station or two over the coming days!

The song is however available to download for free now to all subscribers to my Patreon page. If you'd like to find out more about that and maybe subscribe today, please head over to the page here for more details. It's a great means of supporting the music and gaining access to exclusive material and benefits. My thanks to all who take a look and especially to all current and future subscribers.

This song simply asks that in these incredibly confusing and worrying times, the self-employed (and I would include freelance and zero-hour contract workers) are not forgotten when it comes to financial assistance. As I type, there is still no significant financial support available for the self-employed; freelancers or zero-hour contract workers. As a self-employed person myself, I know something of the concern felt by many people at this time as we begin what is likely to be several months of depleted income, and in a lot of cases, no income at all. The financial support which has quite rightly been offered to those on PAYE also needs to be extended in some form to the millions who are not.

This is something that may be imminent and will, essentially, render this song outdated. Good!

So it's very much a 'song for the moment' and unlikely to ever see the light of day in a live setting or any other recorded context, so from this Friday grab it while you can! (I'm rather fond of the music though so that may one day find a home elsewhere... who knows.)

The video of the song is, of course, still available to view here.

I don't believe there's much else to say at the present time except please look after yourselves. It's virtually all any of us can do right now. For my part, I intend to add more things to the Patreon page in the coming days as well as keep working on some new songs and such. As we settle into this period of enforced and necessary seclusion, I'll be exploring an idea or two I have been mulling over for a while. I'm still not quite sold on the live-streaming idea as a viable means of performing just yet but if anything changes, you'll be the first to hear.CDs are currently available from the Shop at BARGAIN prices! Whatever else this may or may not be, it's definitely a good time to complete your collection or maybe gift somebody with an album you think they may appreciate. Just head to the Shop for further info or to place an order.

Please do keep in touch on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and thanks for everything as always.

Be careful and be well.

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on March 25th 2020

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