Peace For Ukraine: An Initiative

I hope this update finds you safe and well.

Whilst this is hopefully the case for many of us, we of course know that for millions right now – within Ukraine and those having fled elsewhere - it is far from true. The real and present threat of invasion of their homeland – as hellish as that alone is – has also given rise to countless other dangers, fears and needs as many flee their home and country in search of refuge and support. This can and should come in all the various necessary manifestations, but for many of us who perhaps look on with a sense of helplessness, it’s hard to imagine how we can be of any use. One very real way in which we can help is by assisting those who are working within and around Ukraine to meet the needs of the people in a way that we physically cannot. The Disasters Emergency Committee charities and partners are doing just that.

Peace for Ukraine is a loose collective of like-minded songwriters and musicians raising money to do what we can in support of a people whose world has been turned upside down. We are seeking to raise funds by donation, and, as a thank you to any who feel able to donate, we have set up a free download Bandcamp page. Along with a track from myself, there are wonderful, relevant songs from a number of other gifted artists. All tracks have been offered without charge to the cause and simply as a token of thanks to any able to donate.

It may be that you are not currently in a position to donate. That’s absolutely fine! Of course it is. If you’re in any way able to help spread the word though by sharing the links below or the link to this blog, that would be greatly appreciated, and it is, in itself, a genuine means of real support. As others will doubtless be doing, I’ve shared the links on my social media so feel free to do so via my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram if that’s’ easier. Thank you!

100% of all donations are sent directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee who are funding those on the front-line helping to get the help to where it’s needed.

Thank you for reading this, and any support you may be able to give, in whatever form, is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you – and us all – the peace for which we long, and particularly the peace which Ukraine so desperately needs and deserves.

Steve xx

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Posted by Steve on March 13th 2022

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