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Steve Pledger on Patreon: video presentation

An update from SP HQ is long overdue, I think, so here it is!

So, what’s new then? Well, pre-production is well underway now for the new album! My excitement for this project grows more every day and I’ve been enjoying sharing much of this with those who subscribe to my Patreon page.

You may already be aware (you may already be a subscriber!) that I have a Patreon page where I share various exclusive videos and more at various times. I’m currently sharing aspects of the recording process with my patrons throughout this time and if you’d like to join us over there, please do take a look at this short video here where I explain a little more about how it works. (Alternatively, just click on the photo above!)

Patreon really is a wonderful way of supporting artists and I’d be chuffed to bits if you’d check it out and maybe subscribe… thank you! My appreciation, by the way, to any who’ve recently signed up.

I also have a handful of live dates coming up in the North East of England (details below) so if you can make it along to any of those it would be fantastic to see you! Further gigs are gradually coming together, but with the ongoing strangeness of things – regardless of what our illustrious leader might think – I’m currently planning on announcing things cautiously in accordance with what seems appropriate. Therefore, whilst things may continue to look sparse on the live performance-front, you can be sure that it’s something I want to pursue as enthusiastically as ever. But I do want to make sure it’s done right. Also, in truth, it’s a very different landscape out there at the moment. One way or another though, I hope we’ll cross paths again very soon at a live event somewhere and you can keep an eye on what's coming up over on the Events page.

That pretty much brings things up to date for the time being, I think. Please do keep in touch, won’t you? Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and as I say, please do take a look at my Patreon page and subscribe over there if you’re of a mind to do so. Oh, and be warned that I will soon be taking to TikTok as well! What a world this is!

Keep on taking care and keep hanging on, and I’ll hope to see you in the not too distant.

Steve x


SP Live!

6th March: The Assembly Rooms Theatre, Durham. (I’m performing as part of this year’s Never Give Up show in conjunction with RTProjects and Music Durham)

11th March: Redcar Blues Club. (Opening for Matt Woosey Band)

19th March: Claypath Deli, Durham. (With Jack Backman)

20th March: The White Room Gallery, Stanley, Co. Durham. (Solo gig. 2pm)

20th March: The Engine Room, North Shields. (With Jack Blackman)

Posted by Steve on February 10th 2022

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