New Album News!

Firstly, I had the best of times touring in May and June and would like to thank everyone who put on a gig or who came along and listened, purchased CDs and the like. It was a joy to be able to return to a couple of places I'd played before, and also to have the opportunity to play in some new places too, including my first run of dates in Scotland which were a joy to play.

The new material has been receiving some fantastic feedback at gigs which has been wonderful! (A recent session I did for Sonic Bandwagon which includes two new songs can be heard here.) I'm very excited about this new album, which you may have spotted is to be titled 'Somewhere Between'. Many of the songs touch upon issues of doubt and transition, as well the sense of heading somewhere which I/we/others have yet to reach. The opening words to one of the songs, this title suggested itself and seemed to me to be the perfect fit.

More details will be forthcoming over the coming weeks, but what I can tell you is that the launch concert is going to be something very special indeed and will take place on FRIDAY 4th NOVEMBER! Do look out for more information coming soon...

There will be some video footage appearing soon too from a couple of the recent gigs and I'll let you know more as I find out myself. You can click here for a review of the recent gig at Downend Folk Club where I had the pleasure to open for Kirsty Bromley.

So, no gigs now until the tail end of July (check out the gig page for details) as I'll be heading into the studio to start work 'Somewhere Between' in a little over a week's time. A few finishing touches to be put to a couple of songs and we're good to go! I'll be joined by some fine musicians again - including the ubiquitous Lukas Drinkwater - who I know will sprinkle their own musical magic on things and I look forward to updating you on how things are going via Facebook, Twitter and the like over the coming weeks.

Huge thanks again for all the encouragement, support and more... it means a very great deal. I met some wonderful folks whilst I was out 'n' about (you all know who you are!) Some I knew, some were new to me, but it remains one of the best things about doing this: meeting amazing people! Keep an eye out for more new-album details coming soon, and in the mean time, if you've not yet had the chance to grab yourself a copy of either (or both) of the first two albums, then you're more than welcome to take a gander at the shop. (No pressure though.) :o)

Take care out there... it's one scary, beautiful, confusing and spellbinding world!

Every blessing,

Steve x

Posted by Steve on June 24th 2016

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