Lamb & Lamentations: Life On The Road

Taken at Biddulph Up In Arms, opening for Jez Lowe

The wonderful experience is in no small part due to the lovely folks I’ve met and had the opportunity to chat with; perform with; stay with... some first-time meetings, others old friends whom I’m privileged to know. And it’s also been fantastic having the opportunity to perform in front of some new folks, and my special thanks to all who came on board over the past few weeks and bought CDs or signed up to the mailing list or simply took the time to come up and chat after a gig. You’re all more than welcome and hope to see you again soon!

It was an honour to share a gig with the brilliant Jack Hopkinson in Durham; open for the fantastic Jez Lowe in Biddulph and co-headline with friend and singer/songwriter extraordinaire Harry Pane in Birmingham... cheers to all! Thanks also to Thamani for opening for me in Biddulph on the Friday.

'Sweetie' the lamb, and friend

I got to enjoy some beautiful surroundings thanks to some wonderful hosts in Cheshire and Wales. (In the latter, I even got to bottle-feed a young lamb which alone was worth the trip!)

Huge thanks to everyone in any way involved in promoting any of these gigs and in generally making them happen (I’m already looking forward to doing it all again soon!); to hosts and friends Shaun, Lucy, Ian, David, Helen, Anne-Marie and Bill, and again to Jack, Harry, Nathan and Natalie. Unfortunately, the gig in Leicestershire had to be pulled - entirely beyond our control - and thanks and apologies to those who would otherwise have been there... we’ll do it again soon!

The beautiful White House near Welshpool; the stunning view from my bedroom and the entirely wonderful Anne-Marie, Helen and David.
Mr Jackson & me... 'nuff said.

And special thanks to my good friend Steph for her hospitality and for arranging a surprise reunion with my good friend and partner in insanity, Luke Jackson. It was great catching up with him again having not had much opportunity over the last couple of years. I think it’s fair to say that little has changed....

Please head to the Events page for details of future gigs, including one I’m playing this evening in Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham. (Nice ‘n’ local, this one!)

Following that I’m opening for Head of Light Entertainment in Middlesbrough in a couple of weeks before a wee gap in the schedule opens up. Please don’t forget that  if you know of a venue near you  which you think would be good - or even if you fancy hosting a house concert - please do drop me a line here and let’s see what we can do.

Once again, enormous gratitude to all and I’m really looking forward to catching up with many of you at a gig somewhere soon.

Every blessing...

Steve x

p.s. Current changes to privacy law being what they are, please be aware that you can view a revised and compliant statement regarding such matters here. Many thanks... SPx

The stunning Cheshire scenery...

Posted by Steve on May 17th 2018

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