It's A New Song... and I'm Feelin' Good

As you may know, I was unwell myself for about 6 weeks with suspected Covid-19 (I wasn't able to be tested) but I'm doing so much better now, I'm pleased to say. I've mentioned elsewhere that it was a mid dose - and it was - but all the same, it was not something I'd care to repeat. The heart goes out to those who are struggling with worse cases and especially to those families who've been devastated by its ultimate terrible effects. 

There's so much I could say about things and particularly circumstances regarding its handling here in the UK, but this isn't the time and place; I suspect I'll find ways and means of expressing more in time. Ultimately though, it's been a reminder of what is best about humanity, as well as its many flaws. Amidst all the fallibility, our better nature has risen to the surface and shown what we can do and be. 

In that spirit, I have a brand-new song about just such a matter... 

It's called 'Reseda' and is concerned with an individual reflecting on the impact of lock-down on their life and that of their partner who leaves the house each day to work on a hospital ward. It touches on the incongruity of their individual experiences of the situation, as well as how that contrast is also able to serve as a support mechanism. It's a fiction, but one I imagine variations of which are being played out every day across the country, and beyond, with varying degrees of personal success. It is, of course, hard to imagine the strain that is being placed on individuals who are working in such circumstances, but also on the relationships they are maintaining and upon which they are doubtless relying more than ever. The song seeks to reflect and respect that, and all those who anxiously wait at home along with those who give themselves over to the Herculean task of looking after those who are fighting for their lives under their care.

You're first chance to hear the track will be tonight on Cullin FM's Strange Brew with Steve Clarke. It starts at 8pm and is a great show to listen to anyway so if you're able to listen in, you can do so via the link here.

The song will be available to download from the Shop on Monday 1st June for just £1.50 or you can get your hands on it for FREE before then this Saturday, if you are a subscriber to my Patreon page. Click here for more details of the various tiers to which you're able to subscribe and the exclusive benefits thereof. Much more will be happening on there very soon, as well as other bits 'n' pieces elsewhere. It feels great to be doing stuff again! There's no substitute for gigging, of course, but then there's no point bemoaning the situation either... it is what it is for now, and for good reason. 

Speaking of gigging, now that I'm functioning again, there are one or two moves towards doing something online soon. I'll keep you posted, of course, but if you'd be able to make it along via a device of some kind (not a calculator or anything, obviously) then it'd be wonderful to have you there.

I feel as if there should be more to report but given the recent enforced hiatus, I suppose it makes sense that there isn't really all that much to tell right now.

So I'll say thank you for reading this far and for checking out the new song, when you're able to. There'll hopefully be other radio play coming up and I'll share times etc on Facebook, Twitter and the like as and when I know. The feedback from the handful of folks who've heard it so far has been really encouraging and it's a song I'm pleased to have written... I hope you'll like it too.

Do take care. I hope to see you somewhere soon somehow. 

Every blessing,

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on May 28th 2020

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