In That Same Spirit...

Along with everyone else, I've seen the recent events here in the UK unfold and been at once sickened; heartbroken... and strangely encouraged too. The horrors that took place in Manchester may have alerted us once more to the depravity which humanity is capable of, but in doing so, they have also elicited a far greater outpouring of the very opposite; the compassion and selflessness we are more readily inclined to display when confronted by such hateful acts. I do hope that you and your loved ones are safe and along with everyone else, my thoughts are with all who have been innocently and unwittingly swept up in these awful circumstances.

Meanwhile, we carry on: building, hoping, loving, searching... and even singing. In that spirit, I'd ask if I could draw your attention to some gigs I have coming up this week and beyond. If you're able to join me at any you'd be most welcome along, and hopefully we'll find some strength in meeting together around a song or three. Whether you can make any of them or not, I wish you that same peaceful resolve.

Evesham Arts Centre: 25th May (Info/Tickets)

The Old Post Centre, Swadlincote, Derbs: 26th May (Info/Tickets)

Bushcraft Show, Derbs.: 28th May (Info/Tickets)

Milverton Music Club, Somerset: 2nd June (Feature spot) (Info)

Pebbles Tavern, Watchet, Somerset: 17th June (Info)

I'll put something up here again soon with news of upcoming bits and pieces, but for now, here's to looking for better days to come. I've touched on it before in songs: how we can often feel so powerless to change things, and yet how that is not the full picture. We've seen proof of that just this week. Our next opportunity to try and change things in a more obvious way is looming too (here in the UK) as we approach next month's General Election. Let's grab that chance with both hands! Speaking personally, I want to see the spirit which the people of Manchester have displayed this week reflected back at us by those who claim to be worthy of governing. I long to see that same heart and concern for those who need it the most, and I shall take that desire with me to the polling station. Whoever is given the job of governing Britain after the 8th June, I believe it's our responsibility to ensure - as far as we're able - that they do so with that better part of human nature which we have rightly celebrated this week in the face of unspeakable darkness.

Peace, safety and love.

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on May 24th 2017

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