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Hello again!

It’s been rather a long time, hasn’t it? I hope that you’re doing OK and still finding your way through these strange, strange days.

This short blog is primarily to tell you about an upcoming gig I have on Saturday 11th September, which will be my first full solo outing in 18 months. Coincidentally, it’s at the very same venue! It’s a ‘pub gig’-type thing so free entry/covers, but if you’re in the area (Crook, in County Durham) please do drop by between 5pm – 8:30pm. It’s held in a marquee at the back of the pub so will a safe and well-ventilated space. (Click here for more info.) I’m a little nervous, naturally, but incredibly excited just to get up and perform again. It will also be a great test case to see where I am at personally in terms of what I’m able to handle. I’m hoping that all goes well and that it won’t be long before I’m able to play other such events and, especially, some ticketed-style shows where I can again focus on my own material and interactions with a listening audience. In short, I’ve missed you!

There will be other items of news coming soon but, meantime, you can follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and also, if you wish, subscribe to my Patreon page for exclusive bits ‘n’ pieces. I’m still not interacting a great deal on social media at present so don’t expect too much over there for the moment, but I do drop by from time to time so please do ‘follow’ etc. There are a number of things over on the Patreon page to check out and more to be added before too long. It continues to be an odd and unsettling time – as for many – but the hope is that, one way or another, circumstances will allow more and more interactions over the coming weeks and months.

You can still get hold of all of my albums in either CD or digital format, and the CD versions remain at a very good price indeed for the time being, should such things be of interest. Just drop by the Shop for these and more.

Well then… there we are. I send every good wish your way. Please do keep taking care out there; we’re not out of this yet and caution continues to be a valuable ally to us all.

 Much love…

Steve x

Posted by Steve on September 3rd 2021

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