Home Again

"My kind of artist, a lover and a fighter. He does not talk about life with the cliché phrases that lose their meanings at the tip of the monkey’s tongue. He delves into its depth to extract its essence" Tiki Black, 1InMusic

OK, I've been back for a little over a week but memories are filtering though now... good memories, I hasten to add!

Once again, I've had the joy and the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people; some for the first time, others already firm friends. I've been shown such hospitality and played to some of the loveliest of audiences.

Just a handful of memories: gigging with the superb Daria Kulesh... a stormer of a gig in Leicestershire, complete with post-gig bonfire... my first of many visits to the North East of England to play for a wonderful bunch of people... I've been shown such hospitality... spent good times in the company of good people... and been inspired in more ways than I'm probably yet aware of. My immeasurable thanks to all who contributed so much to this experience and who put the shows on; came along to the gigs; bought CDs; signed up to the mailing list and just generally encouraged me along the way.

I also previewed a brand new song on the last leg of the tour which seemed to go over very well, so there's hope for the future too! :o) Actually, there are a few new songs either completed or on the way and I'm feeling good about where things seem to be heading in that respect too.

I also had a great time visiting a number of top music-dedicated radio shows as well, and thoroughly enjoyed chatting and playing a few live songs as well. Some of these shows are now available to listen to on Mixcloud if you wish (just click on the highlighted shows) and my thanks go to the wonderful Rebekah Findlay and Lee Huck on The Bishop FM Folk Show; the delightful Liz Franklin on Radio Teesdale; the cool-as-they-come Rick Stuart of Roots & Fusion on Blues & Roots Radio ; top man Gary Hazlehurst on The Folk Show on Stafford FM and on board the mighty Sonic Bandwagon, Aaron Hixon, Nigel Cartner, the fab Mike Ainscoe and designated driver of the wagon, good friend and supporter, Andy Barnes.

I'll be putting up some photos on Facebook too, as well as looking ahead to what's coming up. Please check out the page for up-to-date bits and pieces there. There is some very exciting news on the way too!!

Upcoming gigs: I'm playing a special house concert in Maidenhead on 4th July (for which there are still just a few places remaining), The Dolphin, Wellington on 9th July and Pebbles Tavern in Watchet on 11th July. If you can make it along to any of these, I'd love to see you and you can click on the venue names for full details. Other gigs to be announced very soon.

So, there we go! I think that brings us just about up to date. As I say, a big welcome to those of you who've recently come aboard - thank you - and here's to whatever lies ahead. Please do stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter and I wish you all much peace.

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on June 23rd 2015

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