Hello Again

This comes with the best of wishes to all who read this. I really do hope you're doing OK.

As for this end, you may know that I contracted Covid-19 back in early April and have been on an interesting and bumpy journey since. I'm generally continuing to do a bit better at present but, amongst other things, these last couple of weeks or so have often found me very low on energy which has meant I've once again felt unable to be particularly productive. It remains a strange and testing time, managed frequently - and most effectively - by seemingly endless spells of virtual inactivity. I don't like it. At the same time, I'm incredibly aware that given the apparent available variations, this is probably the most agreeable of the post-Covid states in which to find oneself. It's a bit like being forced to join a manufactured pop act but getting off as lightly as possible. Basically, it's the medical equivalent of being drafted into The Monkees.

I am not complaining and I continue to be grateful not to have been affected as severely as far too many people have been. I just thought I'd update you on the way things are here and why I've been even less active than present circumstances might have otherwise allowed. I won't lie, I desperately wish for it to pass and to be better able to engage once again with the world and with music. Whatever our personal situation may be, we have all been temporarily deprived of the opportunity to gather in a space and time and enjoy live music together. I believe I appreciated that privilege before all of this, but that was nothing to how precious and essential it seems to me now. And doubtless to us all. I think often about what it will be like when we can get back to that: to being part of an audience again; to walk out and play in front of people again. I physically couldn't do it at the moment, even if the opportunity were there, and I don't know if that makes it less or more bearable. It currently feels so far away, both in terms of what has passed and also as a realisable prospect. Thankfully though, how things feel is only part of the equation, and the fact remains that there is no reason not to believe that the day will come.

I wish you all well on your own journeys through the present weirdness! There is so much more of which we could speak, were there time and the necessary words to adequately express the sense of incredulity, despair, anger and frustration that accompanies much of it. But there remain causes to hope as well. It seems to me that whatever the present circumstances may be, this remains true: the cause to despair is rivalled only by the justification not to give up hope. It does us no good at all to lean more towards either extreme but rather to recognise the reality of both and to keep moving forward. We are only beaten when we consider the cause to be either lost or won. Whilst there's no denying that we live in extraordinary times, with enemies of Truth looming large, Tony Benn's sobering yet rallying words still ring true: "There is no final victory, as there is no final defeat. There is just the same battle. To be fought, over and over again.".

Take care, folks. I look forward to engaging more in time, and to us all being able to be out there together again. 

Sincere thanks, good wishes and much love....

Steve x

Posted by Steve on August 22nd 2020

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