Happy 2016!

Things are off to a good start at this end, I'm pleased to say, and I'd like to briefly draw your attention to a couple of things, if you have a mo...

I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that 'Striking Matches in the Wind' came 4th in Best Albums of 2015 in Laurel Canyon Music's poll and I'm currently at the top of the poll for Best New Artist of 2015! If you haven't yet voted, you can do so here. Once you've 'followed' LCM, and been approved, you'll be eligible to vote for whichever artist you choose.. if that happens to be me, then my thanks to you! Both polls have included some incredible albums and musicians and I can't tell you how much it means to be featured on them along with such great talent and friends. (The album voted Best of 2015 was Ange Hardy's 'Esteesee' which I also appear on... huge congratulations to Ange!)

'Striking Matches...' has appeared on a good number of 'Best of 2015' radio shows over the last couple of weeks and, once again, I'm blown away, quite frankly! My sincere thanks to all the presenters who've supported the album since it's release and to the listeners who've done the same.

The gig page will be flourishing over the coming days but a couple of upcoming dates to mention can be found on there now. Namely one on 13th January at The Luttrell Arms in Dunster, Somerset and also 20th February at The Blazing Stump Folk Club at Carhampton Recreation Centre, Somerset. The first will be a less formal affair with a mix of originals and covers (free entry too!) and the latter a 'proper' SP gig with some fantastic support too!

Huge thanks for being part of this and I hope our paths cross throughout the year. There are, God willing, gigs... new songs/recordings... projects and more to come over the year, and look out for news of some of these very soon. Plus a new video or two very soon indeed... including one of a brand new song! A link will appear on the website in the coming days and also posted on Facebook and Twitter etc.

Wishing you all that's good for the year ahead...

Steve x

Posted by Steve on January 5th 2016

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