Caledonia, You're Calling Me...

I've not long returned from a dentist appointment. My face still feels as if I've borrowed it from someone else; someone of significantly different proportions to my own. No pain though.

All that aside...

I'm very excited to be on the cusp of my third tour of Scotland! There are 9 dates over 10 days starting in Torridon on 21st September, at the very same venue I ended last year's tour and ending in Kiltarlity on 30th. Please do check out the Events page for all these gigs and more. I've fallen in love with Scotland since playing up there over the last couple of years, and whilst I shall miss home like mad, I can't deny that I'm so looking forward to being back in this very special part of the world.

Speaking of missing home, I had the most wonderful time returning to play some gigs in the South West last week! Huge thanks to all who came along to the shows; many of whom I knew, but many new faces too. Every gig was different and everyone a privilege to play. It was a joy catching up with so many dear friends which more than made up for the very few hours' sleep I got whilst away. And yet, as much as I loved returning to Somerset and surrounding areas, driving back to the North East at the end of the run of dates very much felt like going home. Where home is... was... may yet be, is dependent on so many factors. Or maybe as few as one. Whatever the reasons, I know that I am now where I'm meant to be in this world. Geographically, at least. I'm still working on everything else.

There are many lovely things coming up - the Scottish Tour first of all - and beyond that, more gigs to follow, including a return to Somerset in November. The nature of the gigs at Ralegh's Cross has changed a little. If you are coming, or hoping to come, to one of those gigs (17th/18th) please keep an eye on updates on my Twitter and Facebook feeds over the coming days. I'm still very much invloved and it looks like being a wonderful couple of events... join us if you can; there are still tickets currently available.

Oh, and keep an eye out for an exciting piece of news or two coming along soon! A rather special gig and possibly even a wee project on the recording front...fingers crossed.

Thanks to everyone for everything! You're appreciated more than you know.

Steve x

21st Sept: Torridon Inn,Scotland...22nd Sept: The Mallard, Dingwall, Scotland... 23rd Sept: Uig Hotel, Isle of Skye, Scotland... 25th Sept:Market Bar, Inverness, Scotland... 26th Sept: Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore, Scotland... 27th Sept: Johnny Foxes, Inverness, Scotland... 28th Sept: Mosset Tavern, Forres, Scotland... 29th Sept: Uncle Bob's, Nairn, Scotland... 30th Sept: Brockie's Bar, Kiltarlity, Scotland.

Posted by Steve on September 14th 2018

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