Another Year Over...

pic: LeftField Durham, 8/12/18

This brief message comes to you on the eve of my final gig of 2018 and of your last chance to grab SP CDs at some rather splendid festive prices in time for Christmas! So, let's get that bit out of the way straightaway by saying that if you head to the Shop now you can peruse said offers and place your order by the end of Saturday 15th December to get your goodies in time for Crimbo. 

My last gig of the year is a support slot at Redcar R & B Club tomorrow evening, (15th Dec.) opening for The Stumble. It should be a great night and I'm looking forward to rounding off the year there.

And in many ways, it has been a fantastic year. Our first full 12 months of living here in County Durham where - I'm happy to say - I feel as at home as I've felt anywhere in my entire life have been very positive on many levels. The friendships and connections that have been forged with folks involved in music, the arts and beyond have been so appreciated and I've met loads of fab new folks through the music. It's been a busy year with gigs around the country; the new material has been well-received, and exciting plans are afoot for the coming year, including gigs aplenty, more of which will be appearing on the Events page in the coming weeks. All in all, much from which to take encouragement. I hope this year has treated you kindly, though I know for many out there 2018 has been less than gracious. May 2019 be the blessing you wish it to be. x

Meanwhile, the world continues to turn and constantly amaze, baffle, confound, frustrate and delight in equal measure. There is cause enough to fear where we may find ourselves this time next year, but also reason to hope. At any given moment, I can be given over more to one than the other, but the truth is that we can - and must - do all within our respective powers to realise the better potential future that lies ahead. Maybe we don't feel that we can do all that much, but what's important is that what we can do, we do. I hope the necessary strength and resolve shall be ours in the coming year, and that whatever the machinations of those would direct our paths otherwise, we shall see better things done.

I wish you every happiness, peace and love for this holiday season and for the year ahead. Thank you for your support this year, which is never taken for granted, and is considered to be nothing less that one of this confused, scared, awe-struck little individual's greatest blessings. x

I'll see you on the flip-side, folks...

Steve xx

“It’s every bridge that’s built instead of burned;                                                                                                     Every kindness shown; each lesson learned;                                                                                                           It’s every vote that’s cast for better days;                                                                                                                   It’s in the feet that march, the voice you raise…                                                                                                  That's the hope in our hands.”

('Hope In Our Hands'. Steve Pledger ©2018)

Original pic: Dave Elliott, 10/11/18

Posted by Steve on December 14th 2018

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