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I’ll get on to the stuff that matters in a mo, but since my last blog, I contracted Covid again, exactly three months to the day since my previous run-in with it. I’m still being as careful as I can possibly but, like others amongst you, I know, it still finds us out. Do keep minding how you go, won’t you? I really do look forward to the time when none of us is falling foul of this thing. For my part, this time has been my least troublesome experience of it but there’s no doubt that I’d have rather skipped it altogether. Hopefully it’ll soon be passed completely and I can get back to everything properly.

OK, on to the juicy stuff! Where to start?!?

The new album has naturally been impacted by the above, and other matters, but I’m beyond pleased to say that all will be fine and that what is coming together so far is beyond what I could have imagined! I really can not wait to share the finished results with you, but for now all I can say is that it’s shaping up to be everything I’d hoped it would be and a whole lot more. If you are keen to hear a wee snippet of it though, you can always subscribe to my Patreon Page where there are loads of ‘behind the scenes’ insights and more, including a short instrumental burst from one of the new songs, ‘Sister, Dear’. Please check out the page here and subscribe if you wish. There’s other stuff too, and more coming along as the recording process continues and the release date draws near.

I’ll be Live from 7pm this Monday evening, 18th July, on my Facebook Page to announce more details about the launch concert taking place in Durham on 8th October. I’ve got something a bit special planned and if you’re able to drop by Monday evening on Facebook you’ll be able to hear more about it then.

Regarding other gigs, please do check out the Events page as there are dates coming up here in the North East of England over the next few weeks, as well as an Autumn Tour coming together in support of the new record. I’m thrilled to be heading back to the South West again – including a gig at one of my favourite venues, Pebbles Tavern in Watchet – and I also have some fab House Concerts coming together, plus a couple of shows in London, one of which is at the legendary Green Note in Camden. I’ve wanted to play there for sometime and am grateful for the chance to do just that. Tickets for this, and others, are on sale now and all the info is on my website here. If a gig isn’t yet up on there, it will be very soon, with more to follow.

And on that note, how would you fancy hosting a House Concert as part of this Autumn Tour? As I say, dates are in place with more to come, but I’d love to fit in a handful of other House Gigs if anyone fancies it. If you do, please just drop me a live via the Contact page and we can chat about what might be possible. And if this Autumn doesn’t work for you, we can discuss arranging something for another time instead. As I say, feel free to contact me for an initial chat about it.

I believe that about it for now. As ever, more regular updates can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so please make sure that you’re following me on those platforms, and don’t forget to check out my Patreon Page for exclusive content and more. If you’re in the North East of England, by the way, I’m playing Durham Fringe Festival from 26th July; I’m playing Darlington Folk Club on 28th July, and I’m both performing at and giving a talk/workshop at South Tyneside Arts Festival in August. More details about the latter will be here on the website in the next few days.

Huge thanks and bucket loads o’ love to you all. Stay cool in the coming days, and hang in there generally. It’s crazy out there, as I’m sure you know, but we walk on.

Steve xx

Posted by Steve on July 16th 2022

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