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I'm thrilled to be able to say that the wonderful Folky Owls will now be booking my shows!

For all enquries, please email kitty.folkyowls@gmail.com

The brand new studio album is here now!

What Tomorrow Knows is Steve's first collection of new material in 6 years and is already being hailed as his finest work to date. Produced with Lukas Drinkwater, folking.com have described it as a 'huge and amazing album'. It's available to order from the Shop now in either CD or digital format.

"Prepare to fall in love, and fall in love hard... Steve Pledger's masterpiece." (FATEA Magazine)

"A future classic from a lyrical genius." (Roots & Fusion)

"It may well be one of the albums of the year" (Progressive and Acoustic Compendium)

"A huge and amazing album... Steve is a master of his craft." (folking.com)

"An absolute gem." (Strange Brew, regarding Salt From The Sea)

"Absolutely brilliant!" (Along The Tracks, regarding Salt From The Sea)

"If the rest of the album is anything like this track, we are in for an absolute treat." (What The Folk Is That)

....."The wait is almost over." (Roots & Fusion)

It is indeed! Salt From The Sea has been receiving some wonderful airplay and comments and the first review of the album is already in from folking.com

What Tomorrow Knows launches on 8th October at a special concert held in the stunning Durham Town Hall. For full details and onlone booking just click here. There are tickets still available and paying on the door, on the night, will be possible too.

The album is officially released on 28th November and will  be available to pre-order from the Shop on 17th October.

Catch Steve on tour this Autumn at any of the events above and you'll be able to purchase the album on CD there. Click here for complete gig listings.

Tickets on sale now!

Another musical initiative which I'm happy to have been asked to join is Peace for Ukraine. A loose collective of like-minded musicians, we are raising money to do what we can in support of a people whose world has been turned upside down. As a thank you for any donation our supporters may feel able to make, we have set up a free download Bandcamp page. 100% of donations are sent direct to Disasters Emergency Committee. Click on the image on the left to go straight to the PfU page or click here for my blog with further details. x

I'm happy to be one of the artists supporting Folk For Refugees. As their Vision statement puts it, they want "to unite the folk music and arts community around a common cause; helping desperate people.". Please do take a look at their website; follow them on social media, and consider any ways in which you may be able to support them in this tragically vital endeavour. I look forward to working with them over the time ahead, and more importantly, to seeing the good that will be accomplished through all that they do.

Click on the photo below for a video of Steve speaking about Patreon.

Click to watch Steve speaking about Patreon

Remaining 2021 gigs CANCELLED due to Covid concerns. Read more here.

I think it's about time to make things happen once again...

'The Baptist's Father' wins the FATEA Magazine Track/Song Of The Year, 2020.

Huge thanks to FATEA for this honour and you can read more of my reaction to the news here.

'The Baptist's Father' - FATEA Magazine Song Of The Year nominee!

I'm incredibly pleased to announce that the spoken-word version of my song 'The Baptist's Father' has been shortlisted for FATEA Magazine's Song/Track Of The Year 2020. Recorded at home in October, you can read more about the track from the blog I posted at the time here which also includes links to the accompanying video as well as the downloadable version.

This really is such a wonderful and overwhelming surprise, especially as the two tracks it's nominated alongside are from Charm of Finches & Edgelarks and my good and talented friend, Luke Jackson. I'm extremely grateful to FATEA for this nomination and wish everyone in every category the very best of luck. (See all the nominees in the various categories here.)

The special award show is presented by Neil King and goes out live at 8pm (UK) on 15th January via the fantastic Blues & Roots Radio... please do listen in here if you can.

It's been a lovely way to start the New Year which I know will continue to present many challenges for us all. I wish you nothing but the best as you forge your own path through it and I hope that it eventually proves to be better than the last.

May we be able to gather together once more before it's done... take care. Steve xx

Sign Up At Patreon

Steve now has a Patreon page featuring a growing selection of exclusive material and benefits.

Patreon is a platform which allows artists to offer exclusive material, benefits and more to subscribers and I've recently set one up to which I'd like to invite you along to join. There are three tiers to which one can subscribe set at £3, £5 and £10 per month, each allowing access to an increasing amount of material and benefits.

It's early days at the moment but I'd be thrilled if you'd drop by and take a look. Just click the Button for further details without obligation. This also offers a greatly-appreciated means of support for the music, particulalrly during the rather difficult times for us all in which I write, with live music being impossible over the coming months.

My thanks to those who've already subscribed and to any who may be considering doing so. As well as doing all the usual stuff on this site, social media and YouTube etc. I'm looking forward to building things up over at Patreon over the weeks and months ahead.

Steve x

'Alone In The Dark' - officially released today, 5th October 2019!

Now available to buy in the Shop on CD or digital download.

Read more about the album here.

"It takes a special kind of determination to pull off something of this quality." (FATEA Magazine)

COVID-19 and its effects have now started to really bite. In light of some losing their very lives, this possibly seems rather trivial, but the reality is for myself and virtually every other grassroots artist and more - as well as countless others who work in other feilds - the times ahead are going to be very tough. I now have 2 gigs in place between now and the end of August, and at least one of them is likely to go under in the next few days. I'm not bitter, it just is what it is.

I am looking to find new ways of still 'being out there' and will be sharing more of this soon. And there is also my new Patreon Page, more of which you can discover by reading my latest blog, 'Bad News & Good Wishes', and by visiting the page itself here. Should you so choose, you can become a Patron there and access various goodies which will be building over the coming weeks, whilst supporting this music in a greatly appreciated way.

There is also one helluva sale on over at the Shop right now, by the way! Please do take a look. 

Thank you for the support, folks, and for the messages on social media etc. Thanks for just being interested in what I'm up to and what I hope to be able to continue to do. I hope I'll get to see you at a show again in the not too distant future. I genuinelly cannot wait! In the mean time, you can keep up to speed and in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Above all though, I wish you every good thing during this very difficult and confusing time. Stay well. Look after yourselves and all those you can.

Much love... Steve x


Pre-order 'Steve Pledger - Live: Alone In The Dark' now from the Shop.

The new mini-album is now available to pre-order, folks! Priced at £9.00 (inc. P&P), it consists of seven original songs recorded live at a special event in Somerset towards the end of 2018. You can read more about the record; the track-listing and my thoughts on the project here. I'm very much looking forward to putting it out there and hope that you'll like the results.

There are still some tickets available for the launch concert in the Main Hall at Dunster Castle in Somerset on 6th September. Priced at just £12, you can book online here. (Tickets for this event will not be available on the door and can be booked in advance only.)

Orders will be dispatched to arrive by 5th October. PLEASE NOTE, this product will be available at gigs from 6th September so if you're planning to attend a show between then and the official release date, you will be able to pick up a copy before 6th October.

A few words about a brand-new live music project Steve has just launched in County Durham:

Steve is thrilled to announce the launch of a new live music initiative he's been working on for a couple of months which has just gone live today, 25th Feb. 2019. Below is a description of just what On Trust Events is all about and we hope it's something that will grow over the coming months....On Trust Events is a live music initiative created by award-winning singer/songwriter Steve Pledger. The two distinguishing features of an OT/SP gig are that there is no fixed ticket price (these shows will be ‘pay as you feel’) and they will be put on and promoted in conjunction with people and organisations working with local communities, initially across County Durham. The aim is to ensure that nobody who would like to attend is prevented from doing so solely for financial reasons: the ‘pay as you feel’ format means that those who are able and willing to contribute may do so according to their means rather than a pre-determined, obligatory amount. Anyone coming along who is genuinely unable to pay much - or anything at all - is equally welcome and appreciated. In all other regards, it's a regular gig: you come in, find a seat, Steve performs a set - there's an interval - he plays some more songs and the evening draws to a close, hopefully with everyone glad to have been there.

It is called ‘On Trust Events’ because that’s very much the basis on which these events will be run. The premise is simply that the more we are given the opportunity to prove ourselves trustworthy, the more trustworthy we will be. There will always be exceptions, but in this as in other aspects of life, that fact must not be allowed to prevent us from placing trust in others; doing so does us all a disservice of which the majority is not worthy.

The idea is to hold OT shows in venues which everyone would feel comfortable attending... community centres, village halls etc. This isn’t a charity or something aimed solely at people who are without resource. (It hopefully goes without saying that there is nothing - NOTHING - wrong with any initiative that does fit those criteria, it’s only that OT doesn’t, and there is no desire to give an inaccurate impression of what we’re about.) Its aim is merely to put on a few gigs in such a way that removes money from the equation for a couple of hours and brings a few folks together around a simple, shared desire to hear some original live music.

If you are part of a community initiative or action group; a local councilor involved in helping to meet the needs of the people in your area and would be interested in discussing the possibility of arranging for Steve to perform in your community, please get in touch via our website. You can also email info@stevepledger.co.uk and ask for further details. The website also provides links to Steve’s music and more. This initiative launched across County Durham Feb. 2019 with the first gig currently taking place on 26th April at Annfield Plain Community Centre. However, if you are further afield, we’d still love to chat with you as there is no reason at all why things shouldn’t move beyond the county borders in the very near future. Drop us a line!

The original concept came from Steve thinking about how to stage gigs in such a way that would be viable for him as a full-time, professional artist, whilst also being fair and affordable to anyone wishing to attend. The latter part of that thought process has grown and taken on a momentum and ambition that wasn’t anticipated, but which OT is very excited about carrying forward. Consequently, whilst there is potential for this to expand over time, as things develop for the foreseeable future, OT will be Steve Pledger gigs only. He will continue to perform ‘regular’ shows - ticketed or otherwise - but the hope is that this concept will gather steam and enable further events to be staged in the same way. It should also be noted that there are, of course, many ‘free music’ events which anyone can attend, especially in pubs etc. However, these are rarely - if ever - in environments conducive to listening to sensitively performed, original music; such gigs are almost always accompanied by a ticket price. Steve will continue to play ticketed shows as well as ‘free entry’ gigs in pubs, though the latter very rarely feature any original material. The purpose of OT is to make the ‘proper gig’ experience accessible and affordable.

This is very much a new venture and your interest and any support you may be able to give is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to follow OT on Facebook and Twitter; come along to a gig; share and mention us to others... the hope is that things will grow over the coming months. Folks spreading the word about it will doubtless be a crucial part of that happening. Thank you for being on board just by the interest you’ve shown so far...


The award-winning 'Somewhere Between' celebrates its 2nd birthday! 

To mark 2 years since its release, Steve's critically-acclaimed third album will be available on CD for the special price of £10 (inc. p&p*) from the Shop between 4th - 11th November and you can read more about it in Steve's latest Blog. If you've not yet got your copy - or if you're gtetting an early start on the Christmas shopping - you have until the 11th to order the album on CD at this special celebratory price!

"An object lesson in the craft of contemporary songwriting." (fRoots Magazine)

"Steve Pledger's tour-de-force. An album that casts Steve as a genuine protest singer, up there with the likes of Billy Bragg, Phil Ochs & Ewan MacColl." (FATEA Magazine)

*(Guaranteed UK orders only. P&P may still apply to international deliveries. Usual price: £12)

                                                     'Somewhere Between'

                                         *****FATEA Album Of The Year*****

                      *****FolkWords Album Of The Year (male solo artist)*****

                            ***Folking.com Album Of The Year (runner-up)***

                                                          Steve Pledger

                             ***FolkWords Soloist Of The Year (runner-up)***

                                                     'Somewhere Between'

                                         *****FATEA Album Of The Year*****

                      *****FolkWords Album Of The Year (male solo artist)*****

                            ***Folking.com Album Of The Year (runner-up)***

                                                          Steve Pledger

                             ***FolkWords Soloist Of The Year (runner-up)***

"An object lesson in the craft of contemporary songwriting." (fRoots Magazine)

'Somewhere Between' is OUT NOW! The CD and download versions are both available from the shop.

'Somewhere Between' is now out there and available exclusively from this website (and gigs) before going on general release in the new year. You can listen to a sampler of some of the tracks here now! The SOLD OUT launch concert took place at Dunster Castle in Somerset on 4h November - thank you for coming along if you did - and you can read two fantastic reviews of the event posted by FATEA and folking.com by clicking on their respective links. The reviews coming in for the album itself have been fantastic and will soon be made available to read on the Reviews page. It has been described as "...Steve Pledger's tour-de-force. An album that casts Steve as a protest singer, up there with the likes of Billy Bragg, Phil Ochs and Ewan MacColl." by FATEA Magazine; a "protest album burning with anger and compassion..." by Folking.com and a "cracking listen from a very fine singer/songwriter" by Frank Hennessey on BBC Radio Wales, to name just a few. Please check out my latest blog here.

Track listing: 1.) To Change The World  2.) Live and Learn  3.) Where'd You Get That Heart From?  4.) The Right To Be Wrong  5.) Doing Well  6.) I Spat Fire  7.) Other  8.) Lefty, Wait Your Turn!  9.) Me and the Silence  10.) The Louisa Miner  11.) Creation Is Laughing  12.) At The Last

Remaining 2021 gigs CANCELLED due to Covid concerns. Read more here.


"Someone to point out across a crowded room... (his songs are) so authentically expressed, in a voice with genuine appeal, they take a direct route to the heart." (R2 Magazine, 4****)

('Striking Matches In The Wind' is...) "absolutely wonderful from gritty start to resigned end. Despite these 12 songs' unflinching elements of truth and honesty, ‘Striking Matches in the Wind’ is still imbued with an air of possibility and positivity among the hardships. The faith that love, community and friendship will see us all right in the end. Pledger has crafted a set of truly wonderful songs here; Poetic, knowing, clever, thoughtful and melodic; the world would be a far better place with more of this stuff."  (8/10 - Americana-UK review)

Steve’s new album, 'Striking Matches In The Wind', is released and available to order for £12.00 (inc. P&P). Or if you prefer, you can purchase the mp3 format for £7.00. Please click on the album cover to visit the shop.

Track listing: 1.) People Who Care  2.) A Heart Filled With Nothing To Do  3.) Loving Condescension  4.) This Land Is Pound Land  5.) Quit Blubbin’ In The Cheap Seats  6.) Scared Inside  7.) Days Like These  8.) Friends and Fathers  9.) Beneath The Sun  10.) There We Are  11.) The Parable Of Intent  12.) Matches In The Wind

”An album that I think will resonate with many. Songwriting at the highest level by a man who understands his craft & his voice. A wonderful album!” (Gary Hazlehurst, The Folk Show)

"The entire album is just a piece of wonder." (Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion)

"An intense, emotional experience of the most inspired kind." (Andy Barnes, Sonic Bandwagon)

Steve's debut album - '14 Good Intentions' - is also available to order from the shop for £10.00, inc. P&P.

“’14 Good Intentions’ shows the formidable range and depth of Steve Pledger’s lyrical and melodic talents. Tender, thought-provoking and assured… an album to be played again, and again.” (Stewart Henderson, poet & broadcaster)

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